Top hot jazz bands from Austin, TX and Durham, NC! 

This year, we celebrate the vibrant Hot Jazz and Swing music of the South! Mint Julep Jazz Band, the "little big band" from Durham, NC, will grace our main ballroom stage on Friday and Saturday evenings.

Y'all know the party doesn't stop there! Rent Party, a local Austin favorite, will carry us into late nights on Friday and Saturday, along with some of our best DJs.

You'll want to stick around for Sunday and close out the weekend with Hot Club of Austin, which plays some of the best Gyspsy Jazz music in Texas!


With their little big band lineup of 4 horns, rhythm section, and vocalist, the Mint Julep Jazz Band recreates the hot jazz sounds of the 1920′s, 1930′s, and early 1940’s through arrangements based on original recordings from the Jazz Age and Swing era and original tunes inspired by that time period. 

The Mint Julep Jazz Band is based out of Durham, North Carolina and is led by trombonist Lucian Cobb and vocalist/swing DJ Laura Windley, who have put their collective knowledge and love of Swing music together to create an ideal dance band for swing dancers. 

Hot Club of Austin plays music inspired by The Quintet of the Hot Club of France, Django Reinhardt & Stephane Grappelli's groundbreaking Swing Music group of the 1930’s.


Featuring Luke Hill – Guitar, Vocals, Alen Cileli – Violin, Jamey Cummins – Guitar, and Phil Spencer – Upright bass

Check them out on youtube here!

A rent party is a social occasion where tenants hire a musician or band to play and pass the hat to raise money to pay their rent, originating in Harlem during the 1920s. It is with this spirit of music made for fun in small spaces that we approach the music. Its swingin', hot, danceable, and most of all FUN!


Comprised of an eclectic group of Austin transplants, Rent Party brings a unique blend of musicians from varied musical backgrounds and influences. Jamey Cummins (guitar), Alex Conner (guitar), Alen Cileli (violin), Phil Spencer (bass), Kyle Gabe (drums), Sarah Ulloa (vocals). This diversity manifests in a fresh blend of hot jazz, vintage swing, and jazz manouche.